July 8, 2010


I'm so indecisive right now. 
Not sure if i should buy these new shoes, or what i should make out of this heap of material on my floor or what i should do with my life right now- i just can't decide on anything, and it's so frustrating!

i miss so many people too, i hate how everyone has to be so far away
and it's always the people that are far away that i want to see most.
also, i want a time machine to go back and re-live moments over and over again.


  1. time machine would be incredible.... xx

  2. i say you make a dress with an epic train and parade around town in it with the shoes :)
    but, must agree - i always want the things i cant have etc :(
    on a happier note, loving the blog!
    stop by some time xx

  3. jes, i think someone needs to invent one asap.
    and thanks so much for your comment margaret!
    your idea is a great one at that. ;)
    also i did buy the shoes, and glad i did!
    hope you both had lovely weekends.