September 29, 2010

drowning in colours.

I honestly don't have many spare words these days.
I feel like I'm being consumed by so many words, like they're never ending. I am constantly thinking of ways to write letters into words into sentences, into paragraphs, into pages.. and it never stops.
 But then again, like my uni lecturer says, words are our tools. 

I leave for Canada in six weeks. 
I'm pretty damn excited & so ready to escape this place for a while.
♥ ♥


Can she be any more perfect?
Seriously, I'm in love. ♥

September 22, 2010


That hair colour is aammaazziinngg. 
I have not posted in ages, my internet has been super slowww because I've been watching Entourage, Gossip Girl blah blah and used it all up. Parklife this weekend, yahh. But i have like nothing to wear! I'm actually so excited though, last year went to the Sydney one and it was possibly one of the best days of my life so this year has a lot to live up to. Also that guy is a mega babe. Seriously, my heart is breaking. Just started writing for A Privileged Life which is an amazing blog filled with inspirational articles and interviews with some of the leading ladies in fashion. So I'm super busy at the moment although week off uni next week is going to be much needed. 
♥ ♥

September 15, 2010

Chronicles of Never.

Gareth Moody. If you’re no stranger to the fashion world you would have heard this name before. Where you wonder? He was one of the original founders of the Tsubi/ Ksubi fashion label. And after six years with the iconic fashion label dominating the Australian and international street-wear scene he decided to fly solo and catapult himself into a world of his own. So after leaving the Tsubi/Ksubi behind Chronicles of Never was officially born.

Originally starting in 2006 as a jewelry label, Chronicles of Never has a distinctive design aesthetic using bronze, matt silver and blackened silver to create the unisex items. “The materials I choose to use are old and real; black brass because gold is too golden, brushed silver, because polish silver is too polished, and black silver because it is black”. A Chronicles of Never necklace, ring, earring or pendant can be spotted anywhere in a crowd from it’s unique features and stand out qualities that really set the standard for boutique style jewelry. After his jewelry range hit international success which is now being stocked in numerous boutiques throughout Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, Moody decided to branch out into a fully-fledged fashion label. His collections now span into shirts, shorts, hoodies, shoes and pants.
The latest baby to be born under the Chronicles of Never umbrella is sub-label ‘Black Noise White Rain’ and is a cheaper alternative, targeting the more mainstream audience.  ‘Black Noise White Rain’ is already being stocked in major retailers such as General Pants Co and David Jones. Chronicles of Never draws on everything from music lyrics, images, illustrations and architecture to create the inspiration behind each collection. 'It's loosely based upon mathematics and heavily influenced by architecture and geometrics,” says Moody of his new-season wares. The Spring/ Summer 2010/11 collection titled Into the Voided presents Moody’s signature monochrome pallet with a heavy focus on fabrications and silhouettes. When Moody left Tsubi to move into a creative space of his own the fashion world watched with anticipation and he didn’t fail to deliver with his edgy label now sought after all over the world. Chronicles of Never is a label that brings a story to each and every piece created, yet leaves enough room for you to determine it’s future. 

As featured on Threadpeople
Chronicles of Never on Sale Thursday 23rd September.
Check it out for amazing sales! ♥

open your eyes.

Sometimes, I wish that you could read my mind. It would just make everything so much easier to not have to say the words out loud. Sometimes, just hearing the words float into existence change everything. And at times, I know that you notice how badly I want to tell you something but I just can't. And my insides are screaming for you to just ask, what is on my mind, what is really on my mind. But then sometimes, I'm glad you just stare at me and look away without saying a word.

September 13, 2010


images: cobrasnake.

i am actually in love with Abbey's new hair.
she is beyond amazing, she pulls this look off so well.
utter perfection. ♥

September 8, 2010

you & your shoe.

Gemma Ward, i miss seeing you everywhere.
such a beauty. 
The obsession with shoes of late just keeps on growing. 
Everyone is wearing the most amazing shoes & i want them all. 
they keep my feet happy which ultimately keeps me happy :)

September 7, 2010

photo diary.

Went to Melbourne a couple of months ago. Needed to get away for a while and have a break from everything so mum and I went for a holiday down there for a few days. 
It was so perfect, so much culture, so cold and so much to explore.
Note: three days is by far not enough to explore everything Melbourne has to offer.  
The little cafes and restaurants down graffiti filled alleyways truly made you feel in another world. 
I miss it & want to be back. 
♥ ♥

September 3, 2010

i don't ask much.

Sorry, I have not posted in a while.
so many excuses but none are sufficient in this world because everyone is busy.
being "busy" these days is not an excuse but one I use all too often.
everyone needs to be a bit nicer. to themselves and to others.
 ♥ ♥