June 29, 2010

love, beauty, need, desire.

I have so much time on my hands lately with no uni.
It's so good being able to blog lots, because it is the only thing that seems to keep my sanity.
And when I say I have so much time on my hands it's a little bit of a lie- because for everyone that doesn't know me personally I never have time on my hands, I never get bored, I am always doing something even if it seems useless and unnecessary to some like not being able to do anything because I have to spend the whole day rearranging my wardrobe colour coded of course or I have errands to do like checking my emails and watching the hills! But I like keeping my mind occupied with little things that satisfying me completely.

♥ ♥

teen spirit.

Another day in the USA.
Isn't Charlotte Kemp the most beautiful thing ever?
Those bee stung lips, that baby doll face and big chocolate eyes are amazing.
She is showing her full American spirit for Oyster's Super Power issue #87 shot by the talented Bec Parsons and styled by Imogene Barron.
Major girl crush right now. ♥

June 28, 2010

you are amazing, don't change.

2010, you have gone way too fast!
Like seriously is it really nearly July? crazzzyy.

Spent all day today constructing my inspirational wall, was so much fun.
Not sure though if I'm completely satisfied as I don't know if I should have it above my desk (where it is now) or around my big window? Hmm, anyway I'll post pics soon :)
Oh and I was just sitting on my bed admiring my work when my bro walked in and pointed out about how crooked it was! It's on a major slant, no idea how i didn't notice before! haha
fix it all up tomorrow. hope everyone has an amazing week!

June 26, 2010

shoe porn.

oh my gawwd. 
i fucking LOVE shoes at the moment. like it is becoming an obsession but it just makes me so, so happy just to look at amazing shoes. I get excited and butterflies by just looking at the some of these shoes.

Honestly, once i have a shoe collection consisting of anything as lustful and fabulous as the above my life will be well and truly complete.
And who says materialistic objects can't make you truly happy?
♥ ♥

June 23, 2010


What I want more than anything else right now is the perfect fur coat.  Even though it is no where near cold enough to wear a fur coat here something about it just makes me think of all things fabulous. I love love love the first one and the green one is amazing too- I'm so over the traditional brown i-just-skinned-a-possum fur coat and loving everything a bit different.  I hope I can find one this amazing stat because the only ones I have seen lately have been no less than tragic and hooker-ish looking, eek. ♥

June 21, 2010

sunrise, sunset.

i LOVE this, and that love can't be exaggerated enough.
 Grazia Australia magazine.

the sheer skirt, combat boots, oversized slouchy knit, beach hair, bambi, everything.
such an amazing job was done with the styling and i love the mixture between the soft romantic skirt and the tougher look of the other elements.  And the fact that it's Bambi standing on a beach just finishes the whole thing off.

Thanks to everyone leaving comments it is so inspiring to hear from each of you.
Makes me appreciate that there is people out there looking at my blog and not just me.
So thank you, thank you.
♥ ♥ ♥

June 20, 2010


Just a bit of inspiration, feeling extremely unmotivated these days, i need to find some inspiration and release my artistic side once again because it's busting to get out!
Tomorrow I might cut myself off from the technologic world to do some sketches, painting and sewing- after work that is. 

This week has been mentally stressful, sometimes I actually hate people, such selfish and fucking annoying creatures. argh.

Weekend was good though, love catching up with old friends. 
Have a good week my loves. ♥

June 18, 2010

the things you love you lose.

its sad how one person can break you down into a million pieces.

clog, clog, clogs.

Honestly, can't get enough of clogs right now. 
I don't know if it was the Chanel runway or my love for Alexa Chung that started the obsession but it is  definitely fixing my desire to release my 80s dream love child.

Personally, I just think the plain black ones are so cute as they're perfect for the colder months.
Although the Miu Miu patterned pair are so sweet.
But the best thing about clogs are that they actually look better with socks, and anything that looks better with socks is my best friend.
♥ ♥

June 17, 2010

it's a models world.

Have been a little MIA lately, so much shit going on, arghh. 
if only i had a models life and got to frolic around the world looking amazing.
what a life that would be... oh one can only dream.