June 21, 2010

sunrise, sunset.

i LOVE this, and that love can't be exaggerated enough.
 Grazia Australia magazine.

the sheer skirt, combat boots, oversized slouchy knit, beach hair, bambi, everything.
such an amazing job was done with the styling and i love the mixture between the soft romantic skirt and the tougher look of the other elements.  And the fact that it's Bambi standing on a beach just finishes the whole thing off.

Thanks to everyone leaving comments it is so inspiring to hear from each of you.
Makes me appreciate that there is people out there looking at my blog and not just me.
So thank you, thank you.
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. no thank you :)

  2. i really really like your blog
    it's way fun!

    thanks for the comment


  3. i love this photo! bambi is stunning!! as always x