June 8, 2010

any love that is love is right.

love is all around us, in different shapes and form,
all we can hold onto is the memories of the times we thought would never end.
i find love in the simplest things in life and believe as long as you have great books, amazing friends and the occasional hook up life is in sync. ♥

the things that make me happiest in life:
my thirteen little loves.
1. sunny winter days
2. listening to my favourite songs on repeat
3. freshly baked cookies
4. people that just 'get' me
5. late night conversations with my best friends
6. receiving hand written letters in the mail
7. sleeping in my own bed
8. when you find the perfect piece of clothing in the most unexpected places
9. waking up to text messages from friends
10. when you get every green light
11. lonely nights in the rain with a good book
12. the perfect vodka lemon lime
13. my dreams, plans and the unexpected future
♥ ♥


  1. very inspired photos! i love it!

  2. you haven't uploaded your blog in a while.. i always keep checking because i love your photos and little write ups x

  3. sorry, ive been so distracted lately.
    promise im back! =]
    updated already.