May 31, 2011


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By using the world of fashion to inspire and empower woman from all walks of life Private Access was created to inspire you to live the privileged life that we all deserve. Not only do you get to be apart of Australia’s first luxury privilege program but you are offererd an exclusive mentoring program by A-list celebritites and fashion designers including Collette Dinnigan, Poppy King and Marie Hatzis from Hussy. So stop chasing the world of high-end fashion and luxury brands as it is now directly at your fingertips. 

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May 30, 2011

friend of mine.

Want everything from Friend of Mine's latest collection.
Alexander Spencer from 4th and Bleeker's stylistic influence is evident throughout the collection
 Denim cut offs, cropped tops, red shorts, fur, beanies and blazers with shorts. 
Seriously couldn't be more in love with anything else right now.
bonappetit !
♥ ♥

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May 29, 2011

sunday inspiration

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sunday afternoon, laying in bed watching the rain & listen to soothing music melodies.
so content with life right now.
two more assignments then uni is done for the semester, it has gone so fast it's unbelievable.
i can't figure out if the semester has been easy or hard, i kind of just feel like everything is getting done but i'm not really doing it. such a weird feeling.
it would be nice if time could stop for a little while, everything is moving too fast.

p.s i love the look of cities. so much infrastructure & architecture.
so many memories & so many different stories all in the one place.
♥ ♥

May 25, 2011


I always love the beauty editorial they feature in Russh.
They're so beautiful, minimal & fresh.
Also in love with peroxided beauty Krystal Glynn who dominated the RAFW runways.

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May 24, 2011

beside you.

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Just a little bit of inspiration for your tuesday morning.
I have nothing else to say, besides that i really need to stop procrastinating beginning my day & just go begin it. Going back to bed sounds like a lovely idea. 
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May 20, 2011

pastel yen.

Absolutely adoring the look of this pastel dominating shoot for Yen's winter fashion issue.
Featuring Emma Lung in a cosy knit, sheer white shirt, studded dog collared necklace & leather.
What more could you want featured in the same sentence? 
Besides candy pink lips & pastel coloured hair.
Lung is such a beauty too with her baby doll face & striking blue eyes.
uhhh so much love. ♥

May 15, 2011



1 - A quality I would want in a future boyfriend= Someone who just gets me & I can stay up all night with talking about nothing
2 - Story behind my last kiss= Alcohol induced
3 - Something I am proud of = Making the move to Canada to live my own winter wonderland & going back again this year for round two. Also finishing uni because it is something I never thought I could do it
4 - One of my insecurities = People knowing what I'm really thinking, I put up walls & don't want them knocked down. There is only a few people that really know me
5 - A secret = I hate when people touch me & get in my personal space
6 - An ideal date = Picnic in a grass field, laying in the sun, laughing & getting drunk
7 - A turn on = Interesting personality & ambitious
8 - A turn off = Clingy lingerer
9 - Something that makes me happy = My best friends, sleeping in until midday, memories, the endless possibilities of life & silence
10 - Something I regret = Making someone feel the way I hate feeling, so sorry ♥
11 - Something that’s on my mind = How broke I am & escaping at the end of the year
12 - A random fact about myself = I never get bored & love my own company more than anything else
13 - Where I would like to live = Wherever my heart is, right now it would be back in Whistler
14 - One of my bad habits = I never call or message people back 
15 - Who I wish I could be = me at 16 again

I don't know how I'm so content with life, yet restless at the same time. 
I think I just need to go to sleep. 
Love for you guys to do this quiz too & put responses in comments :)
that was fun. ♥

So I was thinking I'm going to change my URL to just because it's too confusing with a different URL to blog name. I don't want to lose all my current followers though so I've been a bit indecisive about this for a while but I think in the end it will be much easier to remember. So don't forget to add my new one to your list otherwise I might lose you in the great big cyberspace world that exists out there.
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outfit post.

autumn day.

Bra: Selma
T-shirt: Acne
Shorts: Cheap Monday
Boots: Alexander Wang
Ring: Jordan Askill
Sunglasses: Illesteva
Perfume: Marc Jacobs

May 10, 2011

May 5, 2011

they all hate us.

tash & elle from they all hate us
they are both amazing, super gorgeous & always provide so much fashion inspiration.
definitely a blog to look at on a daily basis... even many times times a day.
goodnight all.