August 25, 2010


please give me everything on a silver platter..
New Zealand fashion label, Stolen Girlfriends Club’s, Summer 2010/11 Lookbook is filled with a mixture of fresh and quirky aesthetics.  The use of light layers of silk organza, cotton and ripped denim form the basis of their latest range titled Heavy Petal. 

Classic in terms of this season’s hottest colours that are right on trend including various shades of peach, white and black.  The use of pastels creates a dreamlike quality adding a feminine yet edgy touch.  Sheers, high waisted shorts, asymmetrical button ups, ripped denim and girly dresses are perfect for the summer months.  Put away the prints and step out in block colours and shapes thinking sexy rock and roll vibes while you’re floating on a cloud.  The contrasting elements make for the perfect mix of inspiring pieces: a collection of utter flawlessness. 
♥ ♥

August 24, 2010


I seriously feel like i've lost my mind.
Working all day & doing uni all night is mentally draining.
I can't wait for this week to be over. 
I just keep telling myself that as long as we all keep breathing, everything will be ok.
Also, 11 weeks until I leave for Canada: 11 weeks too long.

August 20, 2010

alley cats.

"Alley Cats
Dazed & Confused, September 2010 

What do you get when you mix sexy models, Lauren Brown, Ali Carr, Lissane de Jong, Lia Serge and Emily Wake stuck in a massive downpour of rain wearing the hottest clothes imaginable?
One damn amazing editorial that I am loving SO much right now!
Coveting this seasons hottest trends: chunky knits, sheers and classic, crisp white this editorial mixes emotions of vulnerability and chaos to produce something that is so right that it's nearly wrong.
Shot by none other than photographer's finest Will Davidson with the help of fashion editor Karen Langley, I have to award ten stars to Dazed & Confused once again.
♥ ♥


David Jones Spring/Summer 2010.
Samantha Harris, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Nicole Trunfio, Catherine McNeil & Alexandra Agoston.
I can tell nudes are going to be everywhere this season.

August 18, 2010

black as a starless sky.

you were an amazing man. ♥

There's something strange about death.  In a sense I find it extremely comforting, it reminds me how sudden life can be taken and how precious this life is. But death must be so beautiful, to leave this world behind and exist in another world where everything is so peaceful and quiet. You lie in soft brown earth with the grass waving above your head or you look down from the bright blue sky knowing that your memory lives on through the lives of the ones left on this somewhat destructive world. For a long time you were on the brink of death balancing on the thin line that exists between this life and the unknown and now you are truly a free spirit.  
♥ ♥ ♥

August 9, 2010

i can't wait forever.

babe babe babe babe.
i want a bunny mask. just for fun, especially covered in gold jewels !
weekend was great once again, planned on having a quiet one but that never happens.
in the weirdest mind set at the moment, my head is all over the place.
hope you all had extra lovely weekends. 
♥ ♥

August 6, 2010

four million miles away.

Just some inspirational photos.
The weather was amazing today- the sun really does make me happy.
I am loving this whole summer weather in the middle of winter thing that's going on.
It's so perfect. ♥

August 2, 2010

if only moments could last forever.

So I have had the most adventurous past three days of my life. ♥
I don't even know where to begin, so many things didn't turn out how we originally planned but that made the adventure even more memorable and hectic.  

Byron Bay picnics on the most perfect winter's day it felt like summer, drinking mojitos, 3am Surfers feasts, chewing gum in Amelia's hair, Road trips to Woodford for Splendour, Drinking in car, Getting kicked out of Splendour, Seeing RBT so sitting in car for 4 hours hectic freaking out, Walking up to flashing lights and realising there not even breath testing, asking to get breath tested anyway, picking up 3 teenage boys hitch hiking, freaking them out tripping out driving and talking shit, finding our way to the Valley in Brisbane, Missing lockout by 5 mins, going back to friends kick ons, getting drunk at a ridiculous hour in the morning and talking more shit, Squishing into a bed at 9am to try sleep, sleeping failed, lying in the sun, driving back to the Gold Coast, Burleigh sunsets eating hot chips, finding funny people in photos that don't know they're in a photo when they're fucked, sleeping for a ridiculous amount of time and waking up 45 minutes before Amelia left.  

I actually couldn't think of a better person to have spent those three days with.
I love you Amelia- come back soon!!
Trying to catch up on Uni now and it is way too boring.
I want to go and frolic the world and have more adventurous like this i feel like time is running out and soon I'm going to be too old.
Sometime I live in the future too much, Amelia made me aware of this.
It needs to stop.