November 27, 2010


I would do anything to wear a pair of shorts right.
It seems like such a distant memory when I could bear some skin on my legs, or any of my body for that matter.

However, I wouldn't give up anything to be looking outside my window right now and seeing the snowflakes fill my backyard with white powder.
There's something utterly magical about watching snowflakes fall down, so gracefully & peaceful.
It's everything wonderful about this life in one tiny thing. They bring so much happiness so much hope.
in love. ♥

November 25, 2010

canada photo diary one.

Gold Coast-Brisbane-LA-Vancouver-Whistler.
I love the fall colours of the northern hemisphere, so amazing.
I went from 25 degrees to -25 degrees in the time span of one week. 
♥ ♥

wishing well.

I'm back... just
I am currently lusting over summer so bad. And I've only been in the northern hemisphere winter for like two weeks. help me now!
Tan lines, short short, vintage t-shirts. Instead I'm wearing about 5 layers and I still spend most of my time shaking & trying to keep warm. The last few days have been -28 temps, I actually didn't think it could get that cold. I know now I was wrong!
Had such a good day snowboarding today though, so it is kind of all worth it in the end.
Snow storm coming tonight, I love waking up to fresh snow covering the house. 
It's like someone has sprinkled icing sugar over everything. LOVE.
Hope you are all amazing! 

November 8, 2010


So I have been missing in action for a long, long time now & trust me, it's killing me!
Firstly I was swamped with uni, actually about to drown until a pile of words. Then my 'trusty' apple decided to die on me and I still haven't gotten it fixed. It is literally dead. And thirdly, I am moving to Canada in two days and have had so much stuff to organise! So I can't wait to get there, buy a new laptop and be settled so I can get back to my blogging world. I'm surprised I haven't gone insane already, actually I did go insane for about a week. Sorry to anyone I talked to during that week.
So I now say goodbye. But i promise give me two weeks & I will be back.
♥ ♥