December 31, 2012


Adoring this amazing new swimwear label Peony hailing from the Gold Coast.
The debut collection titled "An Ode to Home" combines luxurious fabrics, seamless cuts & pastel colours for one collection that I just can't resist. Peony is swimwear for the effortless, carefree & humble girl at heart. And each piece comes separately leaving the creativity up to you to mix and match for your perfect swimwear ensemble. I am needing the above pastel pink top & floral bottoms. I also love supporting local talent & this label is about to do some pretty amazing things to our swimwear market.

Ahh give me some summer love & my peony swimwear stat!
♥ ♥

December 28, 2012

Angel of the Night.

No words are needed.
This couldn't be more beautiful & perfect if it tried.
♥ ♥
image: to-young.tumblr

Party Feet.

 Get your party feet pants ready because it's the weekend again!
I'm sure you're not all getting this excited as you've probably had the break off.
But I am loving these short/ broken weeks.
I think someone needs to think about making this a continuous thing.
Need some new stomping boots and the bottom ones would suit me just fine.
Lovely weekend my loves.
♥ ♥

images: fashiontoast & theyallhateus

December 27, 2012


Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!
I had a brilliant day, it's always such a good time of year living in your bikinis, catching up with friends and family and eating and drinking a lot.

I wish the day could last longer but by the end of it I am so exhausted I'm ready to crash!
Next up: New Years.
Enjoy xx
♥ ♥

December 21, 2012

Weekend Warriors.

True that.
Happy Weekend!!
And for some lucky ducks Happy Holidays!!
Couldn't be more keen right now for a beverage.
♥ ♥

December 20, 2012

See through.

The master mind of shoes has added to his expertise and released a sunglass collection. 
These sunnies are cool & electric, but really, anything would look amazing on Bambi.
Seriously lovin' the clear lime green.
Shop here or here.
♥ ♥
Images: wintour&guinness

Gomes X Goot.

I know this outfit is totally inappropriate for the 30 degree weather consuming my life at the moment but I can start planning winter already, right?
Because this outfit is perfection to a T.
From the Josh Goot bomber to cropped pants, beanie & slippers. I need it all.
Once again clothes gods I call on you. I'm giving you at least 4 months notice before this needs to appear in my wardrobe, that's plenty of time.
♥ ♥

image: stockholmstreetstyle

December 19, 2012

Never Be the Same.

I want my summer consuming a little somethin' somethin' out of all of the above.
Bright colours, naked tanning time, delicate jewellery, paradise, love, camping & top knots.
What better way to consume the favourite season out of them all.

The happy season officially begins this weekend!
And no I don't get a day off over Christmas I will be working its entirety but you know what, I don't really mind because I did have my far share of holidays this year... I can't be too greedy. Can I?
♥ ♥

images: heart+bleeker, confidentliar, surfstitch, peony & oraclefox.

I Am You, You Are Me.

Cynics is a damn cool & edgy accessories label hailing from Sydney that has just landed smack bang into my accessories vocabulary.

These above pictures are from their latest campaign titled 'I Am You, You Are Me' shot by street style photographer Byron Spencer . Inspired by street style shots from around the globe the campaign incorporates summer's must have colours & trends including pastels, bold colours & patterns.

Containing everyone's dream three-some Chroniclesofher, Topknotter & Littleblackbook I would happily take any one of their arm candy (and arms) & transport onto my own.
Pretty please & thank you!
♥ ♥

Images: thechroniclesofher & littleblackbook

December 17, 2012

White on White.

I've done Christine's amazing black on black ensemble but for summer I'm converting to white on white. Something about white that is so refreshing and crisp.
If only I could wear it for a day entirely without spilling anything on me.
Now that would be one happy day.
♥ ♥

image: theyallhateus

December 16, 2012


It is just over a week until Christmas so I think it's safe to say that all of these items can happily pop under my tree for me. 

This is that simple, thrown together outfit that is great for... well anything.
I still need to get some leather shorts into my life, seriously where have you been?!
Weekend was filled with all kinds of sunshine & relaxing, so perfect.
What's on your Christmas wish list?
♥ ♥


December 12, 2012


The world is in such a content state of happiness at the moment.
My favourite time has arrived, it's a world wind of busy time at work, but at home it's just bliss.

And for once in my life I have learnt that love will never fail you as long as you don't give up.
Why I never trusted it before I don't know, I was young & naive.
Not that I'm old now, I'm still young at heart if anything else.

Keep smiling to the world & it will forever return the favour.
p.s need to find this heart bracelet or a necklace in this delicateness, anyone help me out?
♥ ♥

images: theyallhateus, tumblr, ilikeburnttoast