June 30, 2013

Home is where the heart is.

Who else could have a house so beautiful, light and welcoming than Rumi Neely.
If home is where the heart is then her heart is in a magical place.
The interior is filled with love & light, flowers on the tables & skulls on the mantle piece.
It is the perfect balance between everything in life.
And don't even get me started on the shoes/ clothing/ sunglass collection!
Sunday night beauty & inspiration for all the homebodies.
♥ ♥

Images: studdedhearts & fashiontoast

June 28, 2013


Happy Friday!

Been sending email all day like a mad women, so happy it's time to relax & enjoy.
♥ ♥

June 27, 2013

Dream On.

Beautiful things like these always cheer me up on a dull night.
Beautiful interiors, delicate rings, free souls & colourful flowers.
Have an unsettling feeling, need to do more and be more lately.
♥ ♥

Images: theyallhateus, fashiontoast, snobfashion

June 23, 2013

Run Away.

Dreaming of places in the wild, where you can get lost among the hills, eat food in tiny diners and be amerced by the nature around you. These images wanting me to visit NZ with a van and a backpack and little else.

June 21, 2013


Happy Friday.

Have a wonderful weekend & give me wishes that this miserable rain will go away.
♥ ♥

June 20, 2013


On these cold winter mornings I'm thinking about all things white & frosty.
Layer white on white or keep it neutral with whites on black.
 Brr it's getting cold in here!
♥ ♥

June 19, 2013

The Lane.

Passionate. Driven. Dreamer. Lover

Be passionate and ambitious. Don't let anything stop you from reaching your goals and your true potential. Move outside your comfort zone. Nothing special ever happens when you just float through life. Be scared, be afraid, be nervous, because these emotions are what pushes you to your limits. Be exceptionally talented. Be happy and vibrant. Take a challenge and make it your own; be excited by a challenge. Live and breath helplessly and immensely in fashion. Show your personality through creative outlets. Lose yourself in beautiful things. Beautiful people, places, photographs, blogs, surroundings. Find beauty in the small things in life. Be passionate and hard working. Above all, communicate in a way never been explored, love yourself more than anything and show the world what a beautiful place it can be.

Being inspired by beautiful wedding website The Lane.
♥ ♥

June 13, 2013

Beautiful Babes.

Oh hey there beautiful women.
Oracle fox has a pendant for beautiful things, especially beautiful girls.
Her blog is filled with interesting, lovely and wonderful beauties from around the world.
Everyone is so unique and gorgeous in their own little ways, it makes the world go round in a happy state of mind.

It's the twinkle in an eye, the innocence in the voice and the confident in the stance that makes someone stand apart and on their own.
♥ ♥