April 28, 2011

Tamara Lichtenstein.

Tamara Lichtenstein.
Twenty one year old photographer from texas.
Inspired by fashion, femininity & youth.
Her images capture moments in their raw, natural environment making each one special in their own unique way. They portray so much emotion that make you feel like you personally know the subject.
So much talent for such a young soul.
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April 15, 2011

on my own.

Loneliness is a strange thing. Some people love it & some loathe it.
When I got home from my trip overseas I didn't like the feeling of loneliness, I felt weird & I didn't know what to do with my own company. I hadn't been really alone in such a long time I was used to having friends around every night, it was a new feeling all over again. 
But like before I left, I now love loneliness.
It is peaceful, it is quiet, it is calming & therapeutic.
It's just you & your thoughts against the world & there is nothing more exciting in the world then the endless possibilities that your mind can explore.

friday night: vodka, home made pasta & a whole political campaigning textbook to study.
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hot pink.

love this.
maxi + hot pink + plain white t-shirt = amazing.

April 13, 2011

Charlie Brown- Scarf Giveaway

Charlie Brown is an iconic Australian fashion label that has pioneered the way for luxury and sophisticated prints and styles. American born and Sydney based, Brown exhibits a strong focus on creativity and attention to detail that is distinctive in her pieces. She has created a strong following with her sexy designs, rigorous tailoring and sleek styling.
On the 14th of April, Charlie Brown will open its first stand-alone store in Western Australia. Face of Charlie Brown and 2008 Miss Australia, Laura Dundovic, will be with Brown at the Claremont Quarter store from 5pm to meet and greet. The first 100 people in the store will receive a free headscarf in this season’s hottest prints, while the first 100 to purchase a product will get “Brownie Points,” a new and limited membership program exclusive to Charlie Brown. 
The launch, which celebrates the store opening, will kick off with Brown and Dundovic personally assisting and styling the lucky shoppers. Charlie Brown already has six boutiques across Australia and is stocked throughout Myer, however this is the first store to open in Western Australia.
Charlie Brown continues to make a name for herself in the fashion industry with her exquisite and flawless designs that are sought out around the world. Her latest collection is sophisticated, playful and unique ensuring she will remain at the top of the fashion world.

Charlie Brown and Laura Dundovic will be in Perth to meet and greet local clients for two days at the following times:

April 14, Myer Perth Garden City between 12.30pm and 1.30pm 
April 14, Charlie Brown, Claremont Quarter between 5pm – 9pm
April 15, Myer Perth City between 12.30pm and 1.30pm

To celebrate the launch of Charlie Brown's Perth store, Private Access Privilege is giving away 5 scarves - email: mia@privateaccessau.com


My tumblr, much like this blog. 
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Saves me from insanity and adds dramatically to my procrastination.
I would get so much more accomplished if I didn't have these to occupy all my time, but then again I would be no where near as satisfied and content with life.
Hardly any uni work gets done these days- im over it.
Love my internship & writing real articles that I'm interested in.
wednesday: hump day!
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April 11, 2011

escape | reality.

monday night inspiration | my escape from.. everything.
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Sass & Bide: Papa Sucre

Sass and Bide pre fall '11 : Papa Sucre
Featuring modern designs and cuts with a strong neutral colour palette consisting of black, white, grey, hints of kahki and their signature black and white print.
Papa Sucre features metallic elements, feathered collars and hard copper belts. 
With bleats, folds draps in all the right places I think this is one of their strongest collections yet and want most, if not all, of these items especially the copper belt! AMAZE!
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