April 6, 2011

everything leads to nothing.

Life is finally in sync once again.
I am back to being overloaded with thoughts & arrange my life around my diary.
It's always amazing to have an over extended holiday & absolutely no responsibility in life but then again I love so much being occupied by everything at once: uni, work, friends, exercise, internship.. simply living life. My brain is finally happy to be at work.
Life is nice when it's hectic & crazy it just makes you appreciate so much more when it's calm.
I have no time for anything, I feel like my heart is racing all the time, it's like I've had a dose of adrenalin but I am just freaking out because I'm so god damn busy.

Once again my mind is occupied with little things that satisfy me completely.
also really wishing i had fairy lights around my bed to study with.

1 comment:

  1. Naw i love your blog... this post is exactly how i feel today! The photos are beautiful. Hope your well, doing fashion week this year? I am, hopefully i'll see you there. xxx