July 16, 2009


These pictures by Jane Mcleish Kelsey represent the epitome of beauty.. touched by an angel..♥

July 15, 2009

Aggy Me!

Aggy makes me happy. Loving the detailing in her blazer and cute bag. We love you. ♥

Australia's Next Top Model.

Tahnee Atkinson is the winner of Australia's Next Top Model Series 5. This down to earth bubbly 17 year old originated from Perth, however, recently moved to Sydney to further her modelling career. Her distinctive sea blue eyes, dark hair and curvaceous body Tahnee was sometimes labelled 'fat' in the house, yet proved that being a curvy girl is something to love! When it came down to the public vote in the finale it was her support from Australia that pulled her through beating Cassie.  Tahnee believe's being a top model is all about your attitude saying that "I guess just the role model part of things, I'm not sure if Cassie has the attitude.  She has the looks and the body but her attitude needs to change."  With Tahnee's strength, attitude and face that can be conveyed in editorial and commercial I believe this young beauty is destined to do great things in life whatever she chooses.  Tahnee Atkinson is definately one to keep a close look out for, she is going to take on the world! ♥

July 7, 2009

Raw Energy.

They're three beauties of the world. How can one fault such implicable, raw admiration.  The way one stands on their own, someone that sets themself apart from the rest, is what draws the attention in.  You want to be them, you want to know them, you want to act like them, but above all; you want what they're having.  Someone always wants to be someone else, we are constantly admiring other people for their quirks and qualities, make your own rules.  We are not living this life through a rule book, no one has handed us life on a plate.  So look at it in the larger scale, grab it and have some fun with it.  Just like the three in this picture, we can all possess this fun, difference and quirkiness quality about us.  Tear it up and do what you want without fear.  We can't live in the past, we cant hope for the future, we are only certain of the now.  ♥


I love the simplicity of this outfit. It is perfect in every way. Classic and beautiful. ♥


This winter it's been all about tights and stockings; anything to make your legs stand out! Gone are the days of  plain stockings this season its all about the dyed, the ripped and the studded. I love them all and they're so easy to DIY your sure to never be sporting the same as someone else! So get out there, get creative and get dying, ripping and cutting because nothing is more boring than being the same.. ♥