June 30, 2012

Travel Diaries: spain.

Spain, I am in love.
Have had the most amazing time of my life already and it's only week one.
Barcelona rooftop sunsets, ibiza beaches, fresh baquettes, cocktails, marina bay sands singapore, spain terraces and bike rides around unknown cities. 
I love the unknown and the unpredictability of life & travels.
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June 19, 2012

Beauty in words.

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Life is simple if you let it be.

This is happening.
I am off on the big jet plane in 2 days.
Currently painting my nails all sorts of vibrant holiday colours.
More as a bit of procrastination of packing.
Erghh most annoying job ever, how do I pack three months of life into one bag?

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I just joined thirteen little loves so we can stalk each other on a more regular basis.
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June 14, 2012

Ticking away.

Age really is just a number.
Be young at the heart forever & you will be forever young.
Because time is something we can't beat so don't try & fight it.

p.s how freakin' cute is rachel rutt !!
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June 7, 2012


When I first started my blog it was just a way to document the overwhelming pictures that had began to clog up my iphoto. After numerous amounts of right click + save you begin to forget just how many pictures you love and want to continuously admire. This blog was a way for me to express and share my inspiration, ideas and loves. And to be completely honest it was a great, if not the best, procrastination tool. Blogging > uni work- hell yes!

As I begin my next journey throughout Europe for the next three and a half months I'm going to turn my inspiration blog a bit more personal. I'm going to share a glimpse into my life on the road, roaming from country to country chasing the desires of my heart. I will share with you all my loves and hates, my favourite places, people, food and things, and of course, any hidden treasures I come across. Like the saying goes, what's mine is yours. But before I jet off is there any euro readers or former euro travellers out there that have any special places that I must visit: things to do, see, experience, eat, drink, sleep etc?

Can't wait for this next adventure of my life. 
Two weeks today & the anxiety of the unknown is growing.
Can't wait to share it all!
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June 5, 2012

Euro Essentials.

Creating my packing list for my Euro trip as there's only 15 days to go!
These are my my must haves for the summer of adventure.
Can't wait to go back to living the life of freedom, adventure and spontaneity.
If you have any packing hints or tips I would love to hear.
Need all the help I can get.
Au revoir.
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June 4, 2012

Boy meets Girl.

Vogue Paris, March 2012.
Favourite editorial I've seen in a while.
The boyfriend androgynous look is so understated sexy.
And that body!
Inspiration at it's best.

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images: wanderlust

Nothing is ever that simple.

The sound of the crashing waves, and soothing tones of the ocean washing onto the sand always puts everything into perspective.

Life is far greater than the human existence.

image: shiny plastic hag.

June 3, 2012

untamed love.

Why is it that one person can make you feel so many different emotions? That one person can make you feel so happy, yet so sad. Drive you completely crazy, yet be so sane. They can make you love and hate. Feel so strong, yet so weak. They make you feel like you are everything in this world, yet also nothing. They can make you cry with laughter, or cry tears of pain. One person can make the world spin a million miles an hour, yet moments last a lifetime. They make you feel like they couldn't live without you in their life, yet can let you go in a second. 

Fall in love because although you have bad, the good outweighs it all. Fall in love because for that time in your life you would have never felt so much. So much joy, yet so much pain. Fall in love because it's one of life's greatest beauties. We forget that one person has such an impact on another person's life. One person can make another feel everything. If you live each day trying to make that one persons life feel the good over the bad you can go to sleep living a full filled and content life, knowing that you have made this world that little bit more special and precious.

And above all, hold onto that love because nothing lasts forever.

images: spencer not spencer, shiny plastic hag, tumblr.