June 5, 2012

Euro Essentials.

Creating my packing list for my Euro trip as there's only 15 days to go!
These are my my must haves for the summer of adventure.
Can't wait to go back to living the life of freedom, adventure and spontaneity.
If you have any packing hints or tips I would love to hear.
Need all the help I can get.
Au revoir.
♥ ♥


  1. Em GeorgeJune 05, 2012

    Roll you clothes in a suitcase, don't fold them - you fit double the amount in ;) #cabincrewsecret

  2. I love those polka dot Converse! I agree with Em George - roll your clohtes as you'll fit more and it'll be less likely to crush/wrinkle everything. And if you're arriving at night and want to get straight into your pj's, put them at the top of your suitcase (same with your bathroom case) xx