June 27, 2009

No Words.

♥ ♥ ♥


I like these. Tights, crop top, necklace, shoes. Enough said. ♥

Wardrobe Malfunction.

Yesterday I gave my wardrobe a massive mid year makeover.  It felt so liberating to organise everything from colour to type of garment to sleeve length.  It looks perfect and after a hard day of tossing out, trying on and thinking 'in ten years time is this going to come back in fashion and i wish i kept this', i was done. I went a little OCD to even matching coathangers with colour.  So if it's a white top its a white coathanger, black top, black coathanger etc however all dresses and jackets have wooden coathangers.  I think everything looks so much better with wooden I'm getting wooden eventually.  Anyway I can now see what I need to buy and what I already have that I forgot about.  I advise everyone does a major cleanover every half a year.  It feels fabulous. ♥

June 25, 2009

Black and White.

Alexander Wang and Dree Hemingway wearing one of Wang's creation look super cute at the CFDA awards. They both complement each other wonderfully in their black and white numbers. ♥

Zippi Zippora.

Zippora Seven is New Zealands latest export.  This 17 has taken the fashion world by storm and caused much controversy over her topless editorial spread in Russh.  With her striking features blonde locks and unusual name, Zippora has been described as New Zealand's own version of Kate Moss and I can see why.  Zippora is the face of the Cassette Society and has spread across Russ and the cover of Oyster magazine.  If there was one youngster to watch closely right now it is Zippora Seven! ♥

June 23, 2009

Alexa ♥ Chanel.

Ahh if only we could all do this.. Two of the most beautiful things. ♥

Fashion at its Finest.

The fashion world really is amazing isnt it.  It always seems to captivate me in its mixture of emotion, sophistication and style.  The artistic quality that can be portrayed by the fashion fabulous truly is wonderful.  The amount of hours i spend just looking and admiring photos and the way in which people express themselves through their clothing gives me so much inspiration for everything in life.  It really is fabulous.  Fashion gives me a reason to get up in the morning, it gives me motivation to get through life. Next time your looking in your local shop window go beyond what you see- see the artistry and inspiration that is captivated in a single peice of clothing or pictures that are splattered throughout magazines.  Because once you really see them you to can become inspired and see what the world has to offer. ♥

June 18, 2009

Two peas in a Pod.

Aren't these two just the cutest. I can't fault this picture at all. They are just like two peas in a very stylish and sleek pod. ♥


Sophomore's Spring 2009 lookbook reminds me of all things perfect in this world.  I have had about a week of winter weather and I am already counting down to spring when I can frolick around at night in dresses again and say good bye to jeans and hello to denim cut offs and singlets.  Lazy picnics at the beach and camping weekends where you can walk around in bare feet and let the oceans salt water wash your hair. The night time hits and everyone sits around the campfire after a day of fresh spring sunshine while enjoy a nice cold vodka lemon lime and reminis on the day that was.. ahh utter bliss. ♥


Caroline Newell, Stylist

Pretty little things.

Once again I am sorry for having a blog draught. Uni is slowly drowing me under books and the numours english words that inhibit our vocabulary. I am on holidays in offically a day and a half. Bring on the perfect winter days, endless nights out and just relaxing! I am loving the look these three stylish beauties- Agyness, Taylor and Whitney- have all opted for..  Toughen up your pretty little dress with a leather jacket n black boots and allow for your favourite summer dress to be used all year round. ♥