October 31, 2012


Vogue UK Nov issue.

Cara Delevingne produces one of the most striking editorials I've seen in a very long time. Shot during a car boot sale by Glen Lunchford, each images brings up controversial and intriguing topics. From a young boy holding a gun, a beak mask and a dog jumping on her shoulder, each image is perfected to the minor details. Fashion editor Jane How manages to perfect Cara's androgynous look using a mixture of feminine lace and heavily embellished Balmain dresses against sharp tailored silhouettes and wide leg pants. Cara Delevingne is my favourite model of this moment with her piercing eyes and heavy brows. She is super sleek, strong and captivating in every sense.
Amaze. ♥ 

source: oraclefox

October 29, 2012


Charlotte Free for ASOS December issue.
♥ ♥

October 25, 2012

Find the Beauty

Thanks tuula for finding these inspiring words for my thursday morning.
It is a beautiful day so I am off to enjoy the sunshine at the beach.

♥ ♥

October 19, 2012

It's Friday.

Friday is automatically a good day, even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed you can't but feel a little bit happy that the weekend is just around the corner.

P.S I landed a perfect job! So freakin excited to become a working class girl.
♥ ♥

source: tumblr, theyallhateus, oraclefox & wildfox.

October 17, 2012

Poison Arrow.

Zipporra was an unknown word to me, unless I was talking about Zippora Seven 
(major girl crush!).  However, I was over checking out Nicole Cooper's Confident Liar and it was love at first sight with Australian label Zipporra. The patterns, the colours, their outback setting and of course an amazing team came together in Port Stephen's to bring one hell of a sexy campaign.

The film produced by Andrew Kaineder screams summer & it's gotten me all excited for those long hot nights dancing, the cool ocean breeze, road trips to unknown places & always being surrounded with your best friends.
♥ ♥

Filmed: Andrew Kaineder
Modelled: Meg Fairbairn
Photo: Josh Hedge
Design: Karen Fulton
Style: Basilia Dulawan
Images: Confident Liar & Zipporra

October 16, 2012

Bunny's Day Off.

Everytime their lookbook is released I just find multiple things that I need in my wardrobe stat.
Loving the stack of arm candy that is sported, it's the perfect mix between the femininity of the pieces and grungy goodness. 

If only we could all look this fabulous and flawless lounging around the house, the world would be a better place.

Photographer: Zanita Styling: Rachel Zeilic & Sue-Ann San

Sandy Feet.

Zara bag/ Karen Walker sunglasses.

When I saw this Zara bag it was immediate love. 
It was the exact colour of the greek island buildings, forever making me feel like I have a bit of those holiday vibes wherever I go. It is the perfect size for all my essentials and with just the right amount of black chain it has become my new staple bag, everyday bag.
 (I'm totally over the must have a bag bigger than your head!) .

It's tuesday the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day but I still need a job with some significant purpose.
Someone take me!
♥ ♥

October 11, 2012

Love what you do.

I'm a firm believer in doing what you love, and doing it well.

What is the point in sailing through life and not putting your heart and soul into anything?
If there is one thing in life that is certain it is change. Change is inevitable and it needs to be embraced. Right now I'm in a state of change, I'm ready for a new chapter after my travels, I'm ready to get into work and be productive. I love nothing more than constantly challenging my brain to learn and grow and constantly be learning and growing. I'm ready to be apart of something that is great and make my small mark in this world. Productivity is what makes the world go round. And you always need to strive to be better and do better than you already are.
My travels are finally over, I'm home and reality has kicked in.

Wish me luck.
♥ ♥

P.S. I love that I just came from a European summer and I'm going back into summer at home. Summer at home is when my soul is truly content with life, hot balmy nights, fresh fruit, swapping clothes for bikinis & generally just being a beach loving free spirit.