October 17, 2012

Poison Arrow.

Zipporra was an unknown word to me, unless I was talking about Zippora Seven 
(major girl crush!).  However, I was over checking out Nicole Cooper's Confident Liar and it was love at first sight with Australian label Zipporra. The patterns, the colours, their outback setting and of course an amazing team came together in Port Stephen's to bring one hell of a sexy campaign.

The film produced by Andrew Kaineder screams summer & it's gotten me all excited for those long hot nights dancing, the cool ocean breeze, road trips to unknown places & always being surrounded with your best friends.
♥ ♥

Filmed: Andrew Kaineder
Modelled: Meg Fairbairn
Photo: Josh Hedge
Design: Karen Fulton
Style: Basilia Dulawan
Images: Confident Liar & Zipporra

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