November 29, 2011

Ellery Resort '11.

Ellery Resort '11 Collection.

MODEL: Dutch Supermodel Kim Noorda

The Ellery team jet-setted off to fashion capital Paris to shoot their latest campaign.
The collection titled 'The Second Marriage' is Ellery's first evening focused collection.
It's feminine and boasts Ellery's signature bold silhouettes & structured shapes.
It is everything and more.

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of meeting Kym and she was as stunning and friendly as I had imagined and one of the funniest people that I have come across.
She really is a vision shaping the Australian fashion industry.

November 28, 2011

you are whoever you want to be.

Just some of the photos floating around on my computer.
I'm also totally loving the long, hot summer days right now.
Please stay around.
♥ ♥

November 22, 2011

heart strings.

"do all things with love"
What's the point in doing it any other way?

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November 21, 2011

only the finest.

Best weekend i've had in a long time.
pool party accompanied with dj, pool volleyball, drinking, jelly wrestling, sunshine & good company.
What more could you want.
Monday and reality kicks in once again.
♥ ♥

November 17, 2011

Just being Bambi.

Bambi as amazing & beautiful as ever.
Carefree, fun & playful.  All the things I wish for in summer.
It's warming up & I couldn't be happier although my brother just went back to Canada where it's freezing cold & snowing right now. So torn between the two: sandy beds, salty hair and tanned skin or everything dusted in white, fairy lights & snowboarding.

Behind the scenes images shot by Cass Bird for the Bergdorf Goodman Resort Magazine.
Found these over at Oracle Fox.
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Also I've just added a facebook page, behind the times I know. 
But let's be friends here. 

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November 15, 2011

Bassike Eye.

Everyone's favourite Bassike label has launched a range of eyewear today.
Keeping in line with their simple design aesthetic, their eyewear are sleek and modern.
Coming in navy, blood orange & black the hardest decision is which colour to choose.
Think I've found my perfect summer sunglasses.
♥ ♥

Hair love.

Loving cute little hair accessories.
Need to find myself something similar asap.
♥ ♥

November 11, 2011

Natural Beauty

 In love with these photos from Rag & Bone D.I.Y Project.
No stylist, no hair & make-up, no lightening.
Just a girl, her camera & her favourite Rag and Bone.

Raw, unique & so beautiful.
Makes me dream of my next summer holiday-
bare feet, brown skin, salty hair & not a care in the world.
Read my full article here.
♥ ♥