January 28, 2010


oh my god i love these head chains.  like i need this now. reminds me of egyptian goddesses back in the day, its beautiful.  don't know where i can find these but i will one day and my life will be almost complete, almost. ♥

January 19, 2010

the heart wanders.

this is just a bit of whatever, you know, some of the 2000 random photos floating around on my computer..
im in a very hating mood right now, although i am about to love my brother for going to buy me an ice cream. ♥ i just hate love and the way people act when they love someone, like seriously, get over it. love is overrated.

my tumblr page.

My tumblr.  Inspiration, aspiration, my loves, hopes and addictions.
Visit it and share the love. Enjoy.


so many rings so little fingers. I currently adore rings and honestly can't get enough of them.  I  say pile them high and pile them wide- the more interesting the better.  My favourite's right now are silver with some sort of animalistic features. leave the cheap and nasty colours at home thank you..

all of the above are oh so lovely. i want them all now, please.

Havent posted much lately, sorry for the neglet.  Been a little crazy lately with christmas, new years and my birthday blah blah. only excuses I know. sorry.

♥ ♥

January 1, 2010

two thousand and ten.

Goodbye 2009 and welcome 2010.
May this year bring love, happiness, adventure, good friends, good times, laughs and above all amazing memories for a year that will never be forgotten. ♥

Alice Dellal

Alice Dellal is described by many as 'edgy' with her half shaven head, nose ring and ripped stockings but to me she is perfect.  This model/ socialite has the perfect attire whether attending a festival or a night out on the town her personality is thrown into her clothes and it suits her impeccably. She is my true alice in wonderland. ♥