June 3, 2012

untamed love.

Why is it that one person can make you feel so many different emotions? That one person can make you feel so happy, yet so sad. Drive you completely crazy, yet be so sane. They can make you love and hate. Feel so strong, yet so weak. They make you feel like you are everything in this world, yet also nothing. They can make you cry with laughter, or cry tears of pain. One person can make the world spin a million miles an hour, yet moments last a lifetime. They make you feel like they couldn't live without you in their life, yet can let you go in a second. 

Fall in love because although you have bad, the good outweighs it all. Fall in love because for that time in your life you would have never felt so much. So much joy, yet so much pain. Fall in love because it's one of life's greatest beauties. We forget that one person has such an impact on another person's life. One person can make another feel everything. If you live each day trying to make that one persons life feel the good over the bad you can go to sleep living a full filled and content life, knowing that you have made this world that little bit more special and precious.

And above all, hold onto that love because nothing lasts forever.

images: spencer not spencer, shiny plastic hag, tumblr.


  1. I totally agree with all you just said... unfortunately for me.. that person, that once caused me the greatest joy I've ever felt in my life (first and only time I've fallen in love).. is now causing me one of the most excrutiating pains I've ever experienced... love is agony.. if it is not reciprocal

  2. Great collection of snaps!

  3. such beautiful words. it was really refreshing to read.
    how cute is the shot of mary kate and ashley skyping! i love it. x.