December 19, 2012

Never Be the Same.

I want my summer consuming a little somethin' somethin' out of all of the above.
Bright colours, naked tanning time, delicate jewellery, paradise, love, camping & top knots.
What better way to consume the favourite season out of them all.

The happy season officially begins this weekend!
And no I don't get a day off over Christmas I will be working its entirety but you know what, I don't really mind because I did have my far share of holidays this year... I can't be too greedy. Can I?
♥ ♥

images: heart+bleeker, confidentliar, surfstitch, peony & oraclefox.


  1. Summer is def my fav season of the year. I love feeling warm, being in the beach and swimming either in a pool or in the ocean. 6 months to go

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog lovely! My fav season is summer too and I can't wait for it to come around again! Great photos, perfect mood. x