November 27, 2010


I would do anything to wear a pair of shorts right.
It seems like such a distant memory when I could bear some skin on my legs, or any of my body for that matter.

However, I wouldn't give up anything to be looking outside my window right now and seeing the snowflakes fill my backyard with white powder.
There's something utterly magical about watching snowflakes fall down, so gracefully & peaceful.
It's everything wonderful about this life in one tiny thing. They bring so much happiness so much hope.
in love. ♥


  1. REally great pants! Love your blog!

  2. Summer is over rated, I'd do anything to be able to experience snow for the first time....

  3. aw jes, i'm sure you will one day. :)
    the snow is one of the most amazing things ever, but i still miss the summer heat. ♥