May 15, 2011



1 - A quality I would want in a future boyfriend= Someone who just gets me & I can stay up all night with talking about nothing
2 - Story behind my last kiss= Alcohol induced
3 - Something I am proud of = Making the move to Canada to live my own winter wonderland & going back again this year for round two. Also finishing uni because it is something I never thought I could do it
4 - One of my insecurities = People knowing what I'm really thinking, I put up walls & don't want them knocked down. There is only a few people that really know me
5 - A secret = I hate when people touch me & get in my personal space
6 - An ideal date = Picnic in a grass field, laying in the sun, laughing & getting drunk
7 - A turn on = Interesting personality & ambitious
8 - A turn off = Clingy lingerer
9 - Something that makes me happy = My best friends, sleeping in until midday, memories, the endless possibilities of life & silence
10 - Something I regret = Making someone feel the way I hate feeling, so sorry ♥
11 - Something that’s on my mind = How broke I am & escaping at the end of the year
12 - A random fact about myself = I never get bored & love my own company more than anything else
13 - Where I would like to live = Wherever my heart is, right now it would be back in Whistler
14 - One of my bad habits = I never call or message people back 
15 - Who I wish I could be = me at 16 again

I don't know how I'm so content with life, yet restless at the same time. 
I think I just need to go to sleep. 
Love for you guys to do this quiz too & put responses in comments :)
that was fun. ♥

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  1. Haha nice procrastination skills right there! We definitely have that in common :)

    MAJOR props on enjoying your own company and being extremely independent. I know way too many whipped girls that rely on having a guy in their lives way too much. Sickening.

    Following you! x