June 5, 2010

dreaming to run away.

A quick late night sat night post.
Why am i at home on a Saturday night? I have no idea.
Maybe because I have $3 in my bank. fml.
Had the best day today- too much coffee with my best friend then went to a little art festival thing in Surfers which was surprisingly good considering the Gold Coast's efforts at holding worth while events are usually extremely unsuccessful.

I love winter, so perfect in the sun during the day and then cold at night.
A few pictures are courtesy of the wondrous Jak and Jil and the others I have no idea, sorry.

Goodnight lovelies.  ♥ ♥


  1. wow! your blog is absolutely amazing, so glad I just stumbled across it. each post is beautifully inspiring, adore jack&jil... that second image has been my desktop background from months. truely stunning. definately following from now! thankyou so much x


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