July 22, 2010

everything is better with best friends by your side.

I love my friends to death and have no idea how I could live without them.
Just visited my bestest friend in tassie and it was so amazing to see her!
Nothing compares to catching up with old friends, when someone just knows you so well and can read your mind and what your really thinking, finishing off your sentences and conversations in silence.
The best times of my life have been spent in the presence of my best friends, yet, the worst feeling in the world is knowing a good friend is slipping away. That emptiness in your stomach when you know that nothing will ever be the same and no matter how much you wish for the old times back you know you cant.

I LOVE these images, they remind me how precious friends are and the happiness you can get from the wondrous ones in your life. 
♥ ♥

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