July 13, 2010

black, white, colour.

Jetting off to Melbourne tomorrow, I've never been before so I can't wait to explore the shops and eat my way around the city, although it's going to be so fucking cold!
Saturday I'm off to Tasmania to see my bestest friend in the whole world, i haven't seen her in so so long it's going to be so good to just hang out again and talk to someone that understands me completely.

When to see Ron Mueck exhibition in Brisbane today, his work is insane!
the sculptured people looked so real, it was really creepy. definitely worth going to if you can!
Won't be posting for a week or so because i'll have no internet, will actually miss it because i love being able to share my favourite things and images with the world, therapeutic in a sense. 
♥ ♥

p.s some people just really don't get the hint when you want them to leave you alone.


  1. I just returned from Melbourne and Tasmania! And yes, it was extremely cold.
    Make sure you explore all the laneways, do the Tim Burton exhibition and keep an eye out for Bread Top. Best asian bakery ever.



  2. thanks for the tips michelle!
    didn't see bread top anywhere :(
    i LOVE the little laneways, melbourne is so amazing!
    i want to be back there now.