February 24, 2011

white swan, black swan.

Lara Bingle offers a diverse and sensual shoot for Oyster #91
Styled by the ever so fabulous Imogene Barron and photographed by two legends Stephen Ward and Georges Antoni who offer their own interpretation of the Sydney 'It' girl.
Ward captures the softer, more sensual side to Bingle while Antoni goes for hard edge rock.

All I can say is that although Bingle has been in the media for so many wrong reasons of late she makes up for everything in a few simple images. She is utterly amazing and these images take my breath away.
Seriously fierce! 
♥ ♥


  1. I completely agree with you... absolutely stunning photos!

  2. Such a massive fan of Lara, it's nice to see her pretty face without controversy attached x

  3. AGREED! these are fantastic. she shows the two sides of her in these that i think we all have. very inspiring xx .s.c.c.