February 26, 2011

in your head.

Yesterday it was -27 degrees. The feeling on my face and through my body as I stepped outside was incomprehensible. It was strangely relieving though, kind of like it was reminding me that I was alive and that I still had feelings. I couldn't think of anything else but how cold I actually was and it really cleared my head out. Looking outside now it is the most perfect day I have seen in a very long time, or maybe since yesterday, but it still takes my breath away. I feel like the calm before the storm right now, four months of holiday and I'm about to head straight into full weeks of uni, working and just simple reality.

so much love & happiness.


  1. Gorgeous shots.. I wish it was that cold here... I'm so over Summer, Perth is going through a disgusting muggy heatwave.. 38 all week :(

  2. simply beautiful.
    theres nothing like a body freeze to kick start the beat of your heart.
    you know what they say about the calm before the storm.... batton down the hatches and stay hidden!
    love your insight. Sar x