May 17, 2010

RAFW Diary.

OK so here is a tiny (or rather long) recap of my five days at fashion week.
Sorry if its soo long I bore you to sleep.
Once again I will remind you; best 5 days of my life. ♥

If you have ever experienced a full fashion week you would have experienced post fashion week depression (which I still have and it’s a week later!) and come to realise living in the real world sucks.  Living in fashion world for the week was a blur of amazing clothes, lust, VIP bar, after parties, lack of sleep, overindulging in free nandos and coffee and by day 5 everyone was in such a delirious state I didn’t know if I was dreaming or in reality.

Rosemount Australia Fashion Week promptly started on a sunny Sydney morning where every fashionista was out in excitement and eager to see what lay ahead for the week.  Highlights for the day included kaftan queen Camilla and her avatar inspired show, which opened with two fully body painted models in avatar get-up.  Her bright colours transformed the caftans into works of art and even broadened into jumpsuits and patterned leggings.

Bec and Bridges’ Smoke Without Fire contained silhouettes of an eerie desert landscape and raw beauty.  The Cargo Theatre was set into a smokey haze as the smoke machines set into over drive.  Many of the front rows were left gasping for air but this didn’t take the attention away from the demanding show.  The tension of soft fluidy and utility styles mixed with neutral bases of stone, ash, bone and moss.  Bec & Bridge Summer 2010/11 collection lends a modernistic edge to romantic draping and twisting elements.
Day two sets in as the 7:30 starts begin to hit my like a tone of bricks. Camilla and Marc welcome the day followed by Zimmermann, which continue to provide another fabulous collection.  High waisted bikinis were out in full force in pretty pastel florals of lilac, pink, apricot and electric blue.  Geometric prints, lattice maxis and sheers were all on show as the models paraded down in the latest clogs that were just to die for!
I greeted the Flannel show with no expectations and was quickly amazed by the simplicity and minimalistic chic attire.  Soft brown leather and fringing suede were accented with crisp white shirts and fine cream silks as the neutral garments were teamed down with green suede brogues.  The clean minimal beauty of Flannel proved to be a winning favourite for me.
My first off site show for the week was Ellery and I was so hyped as last seasons collection was truly amazing and I wanted it all.  It quickly lived up to my expectations and more as the glitter-faced models paraded in everything you could possibly think of- sequins, feathers and glitter were worn back with flares and nothing was left to spare.
Day three pulled out the big guns starting with Therese Rawsthorne, Kate Sylvester, Alice McCall, Manning Cartell and Bianca Spender.  Alice McCall sent their models down a paisley floral carpet your Grandma would be proud of wearing romantic coloured jumpsuits, dresses and cute high waisted shorts.  Their colour palette didn’t roam far from the neutrals and navies except for the unusually bright burst of yellow and blue. Black stone laid the floor for Manning Cartell and once again colours were spared in favour for calm drapes and black and white lace.  However, the audience was rewarded with a shift and a long dress splashed in a bright print.  Asymmetrical dresses, tailored pants and statement jackets made the show.
 Jayson Brunsdon followed up later in the day with pockets galore as nearly every model had their hands safely tucked in their pockets.  The smart tailoring skirts, shorts and dresses will have every city girl running to the store ready to lay their life bare.  Anna & Boy, Karla Spetic and Konstantina Mittas finished the day off at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay while Romance Was Born off site show at Sydney University proved to be the highlight of the week showcasing a collection so out of this world it was beyond anything ever witnessed.
Day Four finally arrived and everyone was very sleepy eyed and coffee driven.  Dion Lee at the Opera House started the day followed by Kirrily Johnston’s Apocalypto, which took us on an African Safari through an urban jungle.  Inspired by the colours of the earth a pallet of black, red, stone, coffee and silver complimented each other in stunning prints.  Dhini, Kooey Australia, Ruby Smallbone and Gail Sorronda later finished off the day.
The last day of RAFW 2010 gave us Arnsdorf, Ms Couture and Miss Unkon in the morning.  Miss Unkon provided an entertaining show with ballet dancers and models twirling and prancing on stage.  The cutesy look displayed ruffles while the seventies flower child took strong reference.  The SWIM show was running extremely (fashionably) late and showed us some astonishing swimwear for the coming season with ruffles and high waists proving to be the winning options.  Ksubi finally closed off the week with their show One Via Zero.   It was a fairly simple collection proving they are just a mere denim label and always will be. It was 90s grunge at its finest and considering their recent financial issues it wasn’t such a poor effort… maybe it was just all the hype surrounding it or maybe it was because it was the end of the week, who knows.
All in all RAFW 2010 was an amazing week filled with pastels, muted tones and the odd pop of colour.  While romance, sheer and leather trends took center stage.   Five days of runway shows gets extremely tiring so thank you Mr Barista for the free coffee- without you I think I would be lying on my death bed right now. ♥ ♥

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