May 27, 2010

bad day.

No idea when my day took the sudden turn from bad to worse.  Maybe it was before the day had even began and the fact I had to get up at 7 oclock to go to uni.  Or maybe it was when I was stuck in the biggest traffic jam as soon as I got onto the highway so instead of going 100km I was stopped (fuck you Gold Coast traffic!) which continued the whole trip to uni making it nearly an hour instead of 20min.  Then again, maybe it was going all that way and only being at uni for 45min.  Or getting back to my car just as the security man was putting a $50 parking fine on it.  And yes, I parked in the restricted 'permit only' area because I'm too poor to pay $5 to park for 45min now I'm paying $50! arghhh. But then I remembered driving into one car park this morning and then not liking it so I drove out and into the other which then got me fined which made me even more annoyed when I tried to think of my reasoning for not parking in the first car spot! My day then continues like this... when I get to work to realise VM are in which = the shop in chaos.  Then I get home and all I want is turkish bread and avo and their isn't any turkish bread (thanks mum!).  I then attempt to do assignments before realising how computer illiterate I am and everything is driving me utterly insane and I feel like I've never used a computer in my life! I just want to go to bed and wake up and do Thursday all over again, then again some pretty flowers and a vodka lemon & lime would cheer me up perfectly ♥.

And that's the end of my rant.
So all I have to say is, I hate you Thursday.
Go Die.


  1. i love that floral dress. dont worry, things will get better :)

  2. i know, i want some of those flowers to!
    so pretty.
    aw thanks babe, love your blog too.