August 31, 2009

She's got that look in her Eye.

Lily Allen for Elle UK's October issue sporting her new platinum blonde crop.  Undecided if I like the blonde or brunette Lily better? I adore her nonetheless, she really is one of a kind.  I Love  the tattoos on her wrist and her unique sense of style which always seems to be gracing magazine pages.  This Brit-it girl is seen relaxing on the beach with friend- model-turned-designer extraordinaire Kate Moss has taken the world by storm with her catchy tunes and infectious personality.  If there was once person I'd love to invite to my party it would be Lily Allen. ♥
“I suppose now I’m thinking about the next step and whether I want to get a place in the country. Actually, I probably should just sit back and relax a bit. I don’t know if I’ll continue with what I do or if I’ll get married and have kids I have no idea what it is that I want.”

August 30, 2009

Inspired by Imagination

I am feeling very lost in this constant state of delusion.  I have too many assignments to start and no where to start them.  So I fill in my time by sharing my inspirational pictures that seem to fill and overflow my picture albums.  These pictures are the things that keep me sane as I loose myself in each moment, emotion and situation.  They are each beautiful and unique in their own way.   To many these people are nobodys but to me they are somebodys.  Without them I would be lost in this world surrounded by people and their uninteresting lives and uncaring problems. ♥

    ♥ ♥                                                                             ♥ ♥

Black Heart.

Utter Love.

It is love.. The lighting, mood and sensuality of this shoot make it so irresistibly beautiful.  Love the lace in the bottom picture. ♥ ♥

August 28, 2009

new york new york.



Love this spread for Russh September issue out now. Hot, seductive and sexy. Love the contrast between the strong aqua background and her orange lips. adore. ♥ ♥

Rip It Up,

Yes I know winter is pretty much over although it's not technically, if the unusually high 30 degree weather has anything to do with season change then winter left the building a long time ago.  So your probably thinking why is she reporting ripped jeans now, I know I'm thinking the same question to myself!  Well, it has just come to my attention how cool they really do look.  All season I was like yeah I kinda like ripped jeans although I have seen some disastrous attempts that made me cringe!  I love a bit of a rip especially thrown on with a rock tee, leather jacket or blazer like Erin below.  They really are a great alternative to the everyday jean that you may see in the street.  Trends like these I especially love because they're DIY which makes your clothing much more personalised and alot of fun! So although your jeans may be packed to the back of your cupboard by now- get them out, rip them up and get ready to rock and roll next season because I think they'll be sticking around! ♥

August 26, 2009

Black and White.

Ahh these images remind me of lazy sunday afternoons spent in the company of good friends, good laughter and even better memories of the night before.  When the air is brisk, the atmosphere is carefree and everyone is consumed in the bubble of their own helpless worlds. ♥

The Cold Shoulder.

Loving these one shouldered creations on Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr at the David Jones Spring/Summer 09/010 launch.  One shoulder adds a touch of class, style and sophistication.  This trend looks like it's going to heat up summer! ♥

August 25, 2009

colour me happy.

Love these tights, I've decided I'm going to attempt to make my own.  Not sure how to yet but i think I'll figure it out, watercolour fabric paint? hm if there is such a thing i'll give it a go. ♥

August 19, 2009


love the dress, adore the shoes, admire the window sill. ♥

Minkpink swims away.

The brains behind Minkpink have now launched Minkpink Swim which will be hitting stand early November just in time for summer! The collection will be sold separately so you are free to mix and match different prints, colours, sizes and styles; personalise your own look!  Keep your eyes peels for this one. ♥

August 10, 2009

summer is calling.

summer festivals, salty hair, bare feet, outdoor picnics, fish and chips, tanned skin, romantic sunsets, ice cream, floral, denim cut offs, vodka lemon lime, bright nails, smell of suncream, sandy floors, relaxing, cocktails.. oh i love everything about summer. ♥

Images: Cobra snake, stylesightings, wheredidyougethat.