August 28, 2009

Rip It Up,

Yes I know winter is pretty much over although it's not technically, if the unusually high 30 degree weather has anything to do with season change then winter left the building a long time ago.  So your probably thinking why is she reporting ripped jeans now, I know I'm thinking the same question to myself!  Well, it has just come to my attention how cool they really do look.  All season I was like yeah I kinda like ripped jeans although I have seen some disastrous attempts that made me cringe!  I love a bit of a rip especially thrown on with a rock tee, leather jacket or blazer like Erin below.  They really are a great alternative to the everyday jean that you may see in the street.  Trends like these I especially love because they're DIY which makes your clothing much more personalised and alot of fun! So although your jeans may be packed to the back of your cupboard by now- get them out, rip them up and get ready to rock and roll next season because I think they'll be sticking around! ♥

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