October 17, 2011

spirit of the ghost.

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Raining, perfection.
Just want to snuggle up in my comfy bed and listening to the light tapping on my roof.
I am yet to purchase an iphone, I know I'm behind the times majorly, but tomorrow is the day.
I will put my trusty nokia behind me & step up in the technological world.
love that quote- sometimes it's the hardest thing to do but the best & only thing.


  1. amazing inspirations, they're so mysterious and beautiful! especially the first one.
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    with love,
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  2. wow at these powerful images. come join us in iphone land ;) its the best. hope you enjoy it! :)


  3. amazing images, and that quote really is perfect.
    so excited for you to get an iphone - they are amazing, i love mine so much! xxx