June 5, 2011

love missing you.

"i think i'm in love with missing you, more than i'm in love with you. 
I love the danger in distance, that's why i travel the world and roam free." 
This is exactly how I feel. I love missing someone & wanting them more than I actually like seeing them. That's why I go away all the time leave & can't stay settled for long.
I honestly feel like a travelling gypsy. Like my heart is never really content in the one place. I'm always dreaming, hoping, of some other place different to where I currently am. Sometimes it's weird, it feels weird not to feel anything about leaving. I could leave my whole life behind and move somewhere else tomorrow, I crave the new & the unknown. And I love the longing of wanting to see someone but you're too far away so all you've got to remember is the best memories & the stories & feelings made up in your head. it's more exciting & daring & scary.

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