March 30, 2012


Somehow the beauties at Russh manage to pull out all the stops every issue.
I fall in love with each page and each image created.
Love the Josh Goot jacket and lazer-cut stars.
♥ ♥

Photography: Nick Dorey
Model: Josephien Rodermans
Stylist: Gillian Wilkins

March 29, 2012

its a tumblr day.

Thursday; tumblr day.
Sometimes I get so caught up on one I forget about the other.
Tumblr and blog are the same in a way but so different.
I love getting lost in the hours and minutes trawling through the loads of pictures.
Give me some rain, fresh cupcakes & tumblr anyday.
♥ ♥

March 25, 2012


Nostalgia: a yearning for the past, often in idolised form.

Major sunday afternoon nostalgia.
Sometimes I love living in the past, even if it's just for a little while.
Just to remember those times when you were so happy, young & free.
♥ ♥

March 23, 2012

White Out.

via oraclefox
Cosmopolitan Magazine.

What a beach babe.
This is just all too pretty for a friday night at home.
Summer is coming to an end & this is making me miss bright whites and tanned skin already.
Luckily I'm skipping continents & heading into the european summer.
♥ ♥

March 19, 2012

Bite Me.

via surfstitch

Rusty Winter '12 Collection. 
I'm not typically a fan of the surfy beach babe labels but how could I resist Anja.
I love the look she brings to this campaign adding a slight toughness.
A little bit good, a little bit bad, a little bit beach, a little bit woods.
This has it all.

Wrap me up in ponchos, florals and hoods any day. 
And you know what they say... an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
♥ ♥

March 16, 2012

Kusbi & Alice.

Two of my favourites from L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.
Two totally different looks for totally different styles.
I fall somewhere in between these two.
Grunge vs. girly.
Denim & cuts vs. silky & lace.
Both adore.

Shop Ksubi and Alice straight from the runway.
♥ ♥

Bare-back Fridays.

The weekend is upon us!
And what's better is my bro finally returns from canada.
No more only child syndrome!
♥ ♥

March 13, 2012

Blue jean baby.

Tuesday night inspiration.
My little hints of loveliness that gets me through the week.
♥ ♥

March 8, 2012

'90s cool.

I love the '90s vibe of this editorial.
The subtle pink hair, oversized jumpers, crop tops, high waist & cat eyes.

Elle France March 2012.
via Oracle Fox

March 6, 2012

watch me.

Need that Michael Kors watch, or any watch for that matter.
Don't know how I've gone so long without a watch, I see so many and want them all.
I'm just going to blame my indecisiveness.
What I'm loving right now: chunky watches with intricate rings.
get on me.
♥ ♥

New McQueen.

McQueen, and not the one you're thinking of.
McQueen's denim are the new cool kids on the block.
Last Thursday night was their official launch in Sydney's District 01.
Unfortunately I was too far away to make the night which looked like a blur of denim, leather, cool kids at a cool venue and overall great times. 

Drink of the night was the McQueen cocktail: Finlandia Vodka, ginger beer and fresh lime.
Ahh think that is my perfect drink?

Kudos to these two Melbourne boys, for making the perfect rock-n-roll denim.
And Door121 for putting on a smashing party, because who doesn't love to partay!
♥ ♥

Check out the video below from the night: