February 29, 2012

Must Buy Now.

A few of the current favourites added onto my must buy wish list.
It just grows and grows everyday... but all these items need to be in my life.
What's on your list?
♥ ♥

Maurie and Eve: Bowie Shorts and Pants
Nixon: Kensington Watch
House of Harlow: Spike and Cone Cuff

February 27, 2012

mood change.

A day I just want to forget.
I feel tomorrow will be equally as horrible but I can only hope for better.
Need my days off terribly and to go to bed already.
Working full time in retail really kills my soul.
I can't wait for the day I'm out of here and on my extended holiday with not a care in the world but where to go next and what to explore.
♥ ♥

February 24, 2012

times infinity.

You can't choose moments or time.
You can only choose how you deal with it.
Some call it destiny or fate, I call it life.
♥ ♥

February 23, 2012


Saw this over at lovemore and died.
Abby Brothers is one mega babe.
Hanging around in a motorbike yard has never been so seductive.
Lace, boots, hats, minimal clothing.. smokin'. 
♥ ♥

mirage magazine.
photographer: Jason Lee Parry
stylist: JAK
model: abby brothers

February 22, 2012

Creating dreams.

Five months & counting until I will be in Paris.
The dream capital of the world.
When you wait for time it crawls along & life passes you by.
I'm trying not to think of the future and wish the days away but be happy that the day will be here soon enough. And that will be a blissful day.
♥ ♥ 

Pink Tip.

Seriously have an overly jealous love for Mandy from Oracle Fox pink tipped hair!
Thought I was getting over the dip dyed hair look but the love has definitely returned.
So, so rad.
♥ ♥

February 21, 2012

Focusing on the fine print.

images: oracle fox, theyallhateus, tumblr.

It's all in the fine details, the small things that can change your outfits on a daily basis.
And everything above can happily jump into my life.
Current obsession with neon nail polish.
My mum thinks it looks like I'm wearing yellow highlighter.. yeah mum.
♥ ♥

February 17, 2012


Tony Bianco has done it again.
And with a team consisting of Bambi and Bec Parsons the outcome is inevitable.
Their AW12 collection features snake skin prints, thigh high boots and ankle booties.
I love the styling in this shoot too especially the knit web top and layers of fine delicate jewellery.
It's no secret how much I love black and white imagery so these backstage pics of Bambi hanging out the rows upon rows of shoes just had to be shared.
Shop the collection over at the Tony Bianco Store or similarly jump onto your favourite fashion retail outlet Westfield to grab your favourites before they run out.
♥ ♥

February 16, 2012


If you could have everything you've ever wanted would you take it?
Sometimes the beauty of wanting things is that it seems so perfect in your imagination that when you have it, it never seems as real.

It's that lusting, wanting and needing feeling that builds up so much you can't remember ever wanting something so badly.
It's this feeling that I feel towards something in each of these images.
And the feeling that I have every week to something different which takes away the urgency to it all.
There is always something more.
♥ ♥