November 30, 2009

Into the Wild.

My new tumblr site, check it out. Just random photos from here and there and everywhere.
♥ ♥ ♥

dance dance.

Love the leather shorts, the contrasting loose top, the hat, the hair. everything. maybe minus the long boots. ♥

It's the MODs

Models off Duty are the ones we're all looking to these days for style inspiration.  What we once looked to for celebrities and catwalks we are now as inspired by the models attire off the runway as much as we are on. And why not? They are the first ones to take a sneak peak at the fashion trends for the upcoming seasons ahead.  Seen below in their natural environment after a hard days work these models capture the look perfectly.  Boots, blazers, denim cut offs and relaxing outer wear is all enclosed in a models wardrobe.  We may not be able to have their gorgeous long legs and striking looks but we can take a cue from there with their dress sense.  Oh we can only dream about the life they lead. ♥

this and that, ratatat.

these are a few of my favourite things. ♥ ♥

i like it rough.

Who likes short shorts, I like short shorts.  Denim cut offs are the perfect summer staple for an afternoon BBQ or summer festival.  Cut off, ripped, folded and bleached.  Denim cut offs all about DIY and creating your own individual pair.  Why not head to your local op shop grab some old grannies hand me downs and do it yourself.  A perfect way to create holes and a rough edge is to use sandpaper and a bit of bleach.  My favourite. ♥
oh and happy monday!

November 22, 2009

All in the hair.

I don't normally talk about beauty trends or post beauty posts.  But occasionally I will see a beauty or hair trend that I love and think can be easily applied to everyday.  These four beauties perfectly convey my favourite hair trend for the coming summer season.  Long, distressed, just-woke-up locks are simple sexy and easy to do with beach hair.  Accompanied with a center part and in lighter- just got back from a summer holiday- shade this look was walked down the runway many times and is so simple to follow. I absolutely ♥


So beautiful.
 So much material in the top photo.
Makes me think that maybe one day I might want to get married,
Just for the dress though.
♥ ♥

listen to me.

Inspirational words by the designers for their models to strut their stuff! ♥

November 17, 2009

slave to the rhythm.

Don't know who she is but i love it.. the boots, the denim cut offs, the sequin jacket, the hair. ahh everything is fabulous. this admiration is why i love fashion. thank you. ♥

Daria Daria.

Daria Werbowy. Flawless. Magical. Carefree. Utter mesmerization. ♥

gaga fashion.

Lada Gaga looking fabulous for V magazine. An amazing editorial of her toning down her look- something that is also translated among her latest music video Bad Romance. She is looking very Marilyn Munroe and oozes sex appeal. I like this Gaga much better than the over the top, no pants, sunglass wearing Gaga.. ♥

November 13, 2009

Take a walk.

Tristian Blair's 9th season collection.. wonderful. ♥

November 4, 2009

Braid me.

Oh the wondrous braid..
The braid seems to be like an old friend that just keeps coming back season after season yet still manages to look so chic and impeccable. With summer just around the corner the braid is a perfect and easy option to throw your salty hair up into for those lazy sunday afternoon BBQ's and pool parties. My loyal and trusty braid I will be seeing you again. ♥