January 8, 2014


I've been off on another little adventure lately where I have been neglecting the thirteenlittleloves bloggy. If you want to stay up do date with my blog posts you can head over to kivari.com.au/blog. KiVARi is an up and coming Australian label that focuses on beautiful leathers and soft pieces with a bohemian touch and a rock look. I'm loving every minute of KiVARi so follow me over there as the pictures on the blog are just as magical and dream like as I have always done. But I will try and keep posting here as I miss my little humble blog that was followed by some and loved by many. Promise I will be back, so keep following and look at me in two different places!

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October 5, 2013

Sleepy Sunday.

Love this editorial on Oraclefox, reminds me of those sleepy sundays laying around in bed with not a care in the world. The sun shines through the window and you blissfully lay around.
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September 3, 2013

Time Out.

I have been a little out of the loop lately which seems to be the case most of the time lately. 
I've been working on some exciting things including blogging over at KiVARi  which has been wonderful to be able to channel my effort into creating a blog filled with lustful destinations, bohemian dreams and wanderlust moments. Other than that I visited New Zealand which proved to be so much more than I expected & I'm now planning a trip to the US early next year. It's all happening so it's hard to find time out to just wind down and relax and blog on thirteenlittleloves. But I just couldn't help sharing these pics as they are my favourites this week! Especially the shoes, I have been wanting some like this for AGES now & we are getting a pair in at work- winning! Can't wait to get my hands on these babies. Follow me on instagram- ninarichards to see more pics of me. Seems to be easy to update that than this in this fast paced world.

August 10, 2013

Bliss & Bums.

Happy Saturday night lovers!
For once in a while it is nice to have a weekend of complete relaxation. No going out, no drinking but spending quality time at home with the latest Russh delivery & a good movie.
Tomorrow I will wake up feeling fresh and ready for another sunny Sunday.
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August 3, 2013

Spring Fling.

Spring is in the air although & the air is light and filled with love.
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July 27, 2013

Wardrobe Lust.

Lusting over Rumi Neely's summer wardrobe. Dreaming that this will all appear in my wardrobe stat, I will even take it all dropping in throughout the weeks.
Jeanie where are you?!
Seriously, Rumi Neely you have it again.


Can't get enough of this Beach Riot X Stone Fox Swim collaboration.
I was so in love with the Stone Fox Swim bikinis before I saw these and knocked everything out!
From the cheeky brazilian inspired fits, to the detailed cuts and vintage tropical print.
I'm wanting a pina colada, sandy beach, tropical palms & the first bikinis and I'll be set for weeks.
♥ ♥

Images: blog.surfstitch.com & honestlywtf

July 19, 2013

Never Forgotten.

Lots of this and thats. I needed a boost and a bit of inspiration for the weekend and this is how I do it.
And it works perfectly, feeling happier instantly.
Love that quote, always think about how someone may be thinking of me just as I think of them. 
I believe you are always being though of, even if it's just in the smallest of ways.
♥ ♥