July 29, 2010

splendour wishing.

Right now i wish nothing more than to be driving to Splendour in the Grass.
Maybe if ticket's weren't so expensive and i wasn't saving i would be going.
I contemplated selling my soul, but figured i'd have my own splendour bender weekend.
My friend Amelia is coming up from Sydney so we are going to have a crazy weekend !!
Might even go to Splendour Sunday and try out luck at getting in.
This weekend I'm just going to see where the wind takes me.
♥ ♥

July 22, 2010

everything is better with best friends by your side.

I love my friends to death and have no idea how I could live without them.
Just visited my bestest friend in tassie and it was so amazing to see her!
Nothing compares to catching up with old friends, when someone just knows you so well and can read your mind and what your really thinking, finishing off your sentences and conversations in silence.
The best times of my life have been spent in the presence of my best friends, yet, the worst feeling in the world is knowing a good friend is slipping away. That emptiness in your stomach when you know that nothing will ever be the same and no matter how much you wish for the old times back you know you cant.

I LOVE these images, they remind me how precious friends are and the happiness you can get from the wondrous ones in your life. 
♥ ♥


i don't think there is enough male blogs out there.
like seriously, it's always about the girls and i actually feel sorry for the guys.
so here is a post, dedicated completely to our male counterparts because without them the world wouldn't go round, and although they drive me crazy and are an annoying bunch we wouldn't be here without them. ♥

and they are so fucking hot!

July 13, 2010

black, white, colour.

Jetting off to Melbourne tomorrow, I've never been before so I can't wait to explore the shops and eat my way around the city, although it's going to be so fucking cold!
Saturday I'm off to Tasmania to see my bestest friend in the whole world, i haven't seen her in so so long it's going to be so good to just hang out again and talk to someone that understands me completely.

When to see Ron Mueck exhibition in Brisbane today, his work is insane!
the sculptured people looked so real, it was really creepy. definitely worth going to if you can!
Won't be posting for a week or so because i'll have no internet, will actually miss it because i love being able to share my favourite things and images with the world, therapeutic in a sense. 
♥ ♥

p.s some people just really don't get the hint when you want them to leave you alone.

dream house.

space, space, space.
if one day my house resembled anything similar to any of the above i will be so happy.
so much space, so simple and the view in the last one is like my dream.
love how the colour too is just so plain, amazing.

July 11, 2010

Atlanta exits.

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor for Exit Magazine.
The ever so fabulous Mark Hunter photographed the shoot and Wildfox styled combining to make the dream team of all dream teams!

Atlanta is so amazing and her name makes her even more fabulous.

July 8, 2010


I'm so indecisive right now. 
Not sure if i should buy these new shoes, or what i should make out of this heap of material on my floor or what i should do with my life right now- i just can't decide on anything, and it's so frustrating!

i miss so many people too, i hate how everyone has to be so far away
and it's always the people that are far away that i want to see most.
also, i want a time machine to go back and re-live moments over and over again.

July 7, 2010


♥ ♥